We are building extension of Office building of company KLOMP in Trenčín.



In project IKEA Components Expansion 2016+ in Malacky we will execute cladding of 30 m high rack storage for company Swisslog GmbH.



We were awarded with contract by Cloetta Slovakia, s.r.o. – Extension of production hall in Levice.



We have started erection of Extension of hall Pernoud Mold in Pezinok.



Erection of steel structure of Autoservis RMK has started.



... and a next structure, we are going to build the annex building of Production hall Pernoud Mold CE in Pezinok.



We are going to build a frame and an envelope of Autoservis RMK in Pezinok.



Our company will supply delivery of 2 floor parking technology for company LXT s.r.o. The whole site is underground inside already existing building, so it is not easy at all.



New roof of a hall Cloetta Holland B.V. is done. The Client is satisfied with execution of this technical special erection of the hall “from the sky” in full operation of the plant. For more information see pictures in References 2015.



Project Stamping hall KOVMECH Vráble is completed. We are handing over the hall to the Client, who is completing the assembly of technology.



Project: Frame for technology in H2 for VW was successfully finished and put in use.



We have started to erect steel structure frame for automotive technology in hall H2 Presskam for VW Slovakia.



For company Cloetta Holland B.V. in Roosendaal we will build a new production hall. Thanks to good cooperation in factory in Levice we have been awarded with a contract with Dutch home company.



For company VW Slovakia in hall Presskam H2 we will deliver the main load-bearing frame for automotive technology



We do not build only production halls, but also spaces for relax and entertainment. We do refit interior and exterior of Julius Meinl coffee on riverbank of Danube.



For company KOVMECH s.r.o. in Vráble we will build as turn key project the production hall of Stamping line. 



The building of Hall SO 490 for IKEA Components s.r.o. Malacky is completed.



Steel structure for technology in PRESSKAM s.r.o. is already 1 month ready and technology is hanged on it completely.



Storage hall nb. 2 for RETIC s.r.o. was successfully accepted by Authority.



Even there is winter time, our construction sides are in full progress in: SO 490, Presskam, RETIC. See photos in References 2014.



For company Presskam Development s.r.o. we are going to assembly steel structure frame for technology.



In industry claster IKEA COMPONENTS s.r.o. Malacky we have started to build a storage-production hall SO 490.



For company RETIC s.r.o. we are building a storage hall. We have started with gross field works.



We have started to build a Board storage hall in IKEA INDUSTRY Slovakia s.r.o., o.z. SPARTAN Trnava.



In central warehouse of company dm in Senec we are erecting a steel structure of two storeys inhall unit.



For Cloetta Slovakia s.r.o. in Levice we are building a shelter in front of the expedition hall.



In plant of IKEA Industry Slovakia in Malacky we are reconstructing hall SO 310 and surroundings. 



On 10th July 2014 we started building of man structure of Showroom ŠKODA for TODOS Bratislava.



The hall SO 11 was handed over to Client.



We work on cladding of storage hall SO 11 in Bratislava.



We started the execution of Works on new project: Extension of hall in SPARTAN Trnava. See pictures in References 2013.



The new hall SO 480 in IKEA Components s.r.o. in Malacky is finished and handed over to Client. The building is inspected by all involved Authorities. 



Steelmont, a construction company – company profile

Steelmont Construction, a.s. is a renowned construction company with sophisticated solutions where an experienced, time-forged and well-proven team of employees is ready to fulfill all an investor’s requirements and specifications. Our construction company offers everything for complete structure erection – we are able to respond flexibly and carry out any customer need.

Steelmont Construction, a.s. stands behind the implementation of tens of structures in both Slovakia and the Czech Republic. It has been demonstrated in recent years that we are also capable of establishing ourselves in international tenders, as evidenced by our structures erected in France and Finland. Our construction company’s years of operation on the market have persuaded us that the quality of our work and the soundness of our people’s approach is reflected in the trust of our partners.

The company Steelmont Construction a.s. counts itself among state-of-the-art, dynamically evolving construction companies, with a consolidated team of experienced staff and a group of professionally qualified partner companies. For a construction company, this constitutes an essential prerequisite in the effort to satisfy even the most-demanding client and offer him a complex package of services with respect to structure preparation and implementation. The timeless vision of our construction company, which is oriented not only toward structure execution, but also distinctly towards the client, makes us an ideal partner for implementing structures of the 21st century.

And where does the secret reside? A team of high-qualified employees competes for the client through premeditated steps in an attempt to grasp and embrace his requirements, practical and aesthetic notions and feelings. They offer a wide range of building lots in the general location of the client’s interest – selection is unconstrained; the intuitiveness of his decision is to some extent tuned via experienced professional advice. In this manner we strive to achieve the client’s complete satisfaction and thus guarantee the success of our mutual cooperation.

Even upon preparation for the execution of the project, our construction company keeps a responsible approach and views every detail as essential. In addition, we bear in mind the primal condition of every client – time. We prepare the draft, project documentation, background documents for the selection of site sub-contractors, and carry out the project itself within the deadlines as dictated by law, precisely and under constant fine-tuning with the client regarding requirements.

How can we persuade you? With our results. We hand a viable structure over “directly into your hands” with everything you wished to have in (with) it. Contact us at the phone numbers above, via e-mail or directly at our company headquarters and we guarantee that you will leave satisfied, having made the right “construction“ decision. We look forward to our future cooperation.

We look forward to future cooperation.
Steelmont Construction a.s.